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    Re: [RC] Davenport Dare - Cocomix3

    hI ,

    oK , wHEN i ACTUALLY thought it was a great ride. I didnt think that it would be as time consuming as it was. i DID THE 25 AND STARTED out dead last, young horse. We did the first part in just about two hours and then did the second part i for the rest of the time.I thought it was a great day and the vet check and the awards banquet was really nice. THe only little part that I noticed was the ride start for the fifty was a bit confusing, but that was ok. The weather was great during the ride but the night before was very cold and windy. I HAD A PROBLEM WITH MY tent, I couldnt get the flaps to stop flapping. hAHAH. bUT IT ENDED UP really good. I am really glad that I went because my horse learned a lot of things.

    i ALSO THOUGHT THAT THE WATER stops during the ride really helped my horse. THank you water people.

    your turn.