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    [RC] Liberty Run SE - Roger Rittenhouse

    Just a short one here, had to go to LR  even with Omni not right - I
    was working my 'old' 20 yr mare to see if she would bounce back and
    get a LD done. She was doing good at home, so we left for LR.
    She did Ok with the trailer ride over, this was her first time out in
    over a year.
    She goes with a a short RF  and has a slight 'club' but most of the
    time she stays consistent.
    This time the left rear - got a cramp after 15 miles, so we pulled.
    Vet agreed. Told him just wanted to see if she could do it. He knows
    this horse and said you just have to try the old ones from time to
    She was sound within the hour. bummer.
    Nice 15 mile ride. It was fun riding my old girl again.
    We left in the evening. No need to stay over. Did not visit too much
    Will start working her again and get the rear in better shape. Don't
    think we will be doing many rides this fall, maybe in Nov.
    Vickie and her support staff sure put on a great ride. Not a real
    large turnout, lots of rides back to back, but very nice and great
    trails with a great camp site. Looking forward to next year
    Omni will be out for the rest of the year.
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