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    [RC] Truck GVW - Roger Rittenhouse

    FROM   Roger Rittenhouse     roger@xxxxxxxxxxx
    I posted on this before - look in the archives.
    The Ford F350 4x4 DWR LWB CC diesel-auto has a posted GVW of 12200 -
    its on th e door jamb plate - The real data is the plate, its also
    in the tow guide manual  put out by Ford.
    The Chev and the Dodge both are rated about the same.
    NO MATTER what the dealer tells you.
    The GVW  gross vehicle weight- is the MAX load you can put on or in the
    truck.. that is the total weight of both axles added together with the
    trailer attached and all the junk you put in the truck.
    Go to a CAT scale at truck stops and weigh.
    The mfgr max TOTAL COMBINED weight is published in the specs from the
    Ford F350 is rated at 20000 pnd.. that is total of truck and trailer
    fully loaded.
    If you exceed the GVW -12200 and get stopped its a DOT fine and
    impound of the truck etc.
    If you make the GVW but exceed the 20K the DOT will not care AS LONG AS
    THE vehicle TAG is rated to that load- must be under 26000
    My truck has a semi-comm TN tag with a combined weight of 26000.
    Many drive with 'car' tag that is illegal, someday the DOT cops will
    get you.
    IF you have a wreck and they weight you and you exceed the 20K the
    insurance company will drop you.. its in the policy.
    The term is willful neglect and reckless endangerment.
    I know this  because a rider near here is in jail for the above.
    I also called TN DOT and found the TN DOT rules law--
    ALMOST ALL of us pulling a 24 ft LQ with two horses and junk are over
    loaded both  GVW and GCW We are all running at great risk.
    But heck 'everyone does it'  right?   AND the truck can PULL up a tree
    under any load..
    BUT its not safe and not according to the mfgr specifications.. it
    cant STOP and will not handle correctly. A wreck just waiting to get
    I for one driver will be getting  a new F450 next year. In the
    meantime I off loaded all the junk I dont need.
    Last time out the GVW was 11060  just 160 pnd under max..
    The COMBINED weight was 20320.. I have to figure out how to drop 300
    more pnds.  Hope I dont have a wreck until I make weight.
    A F450 is rated at 26000 GCWR and 15000 GVW  - I think I can live
    better with that.
    Either get a larger truck or a lighter smaller  trailer- thats the
    only options. I like my new trailer and want to keep it, so its a
    bigger truck
    FOR SALE a GREAT 2000 F350 loaded 39k miles
    Roger Rittenhouse
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