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    Re: [RC] worming questions - Susan Garlinghouse

    > Peggy
    > Have you looked into any of the natural alternatives for deworming - such
    > as Diatomaceous earth, wormwood, garlic, various other feedstuffs and the
    > My understanding is that the worms are less likely to develop resistance
    > the natural methods and the horses are less likely to have a negative
    > Perhaps Susan G may be able to shed some light on this?
    > Dana
    Well, my opinion is that the herbal/homeopathics should be considered an
    adjunct to pharmaceuticals, not an alternative or total substitute.  Someone
    more into this may be able to provide a source of reliable, objective data,
    but I've yet to see anything demonstrating that herbals are anywhere near as
    effective as ivermectin, fenbendazole, etc.  I might be more interested in
    the alternatives if I had any concerns whatsoever about the safety of the
    commercial antihelmintics.  With the exception of Quest, which I have
    reservations about, the antiparasitic drugs mostly have a VERY wide safety
    range---the only way to essentially harm a horse with the stuff is to drown
    him in it.  And the risk of damage from dewormers isn't even close to the
    damage done by the parasites during through migration through the GI blood
    supply, through the liver and lungs, through loss of nutrients and through
    impacting and rupturing the small intestine.  Now THAT'S nasty.
    So, I guess my opinion is if you want to add homeopathics to the ration to
    help discourage reinfestation or make the GI tract a less hospitable place
    for worms, go for it.  But I would NEVER recommend using it as a replacement
    for regular deworming.
    Susan G
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