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    Re: [RC] [RC] SusanG / feeding a weanling - Susan Garlinghouse

    > Would any of this change if the horses were hungry, thin youngsters?  I
    > bought two half-arabs from a drought/"no pasture left" sale yesterday,
    > do the usual rescue-type protocol for feeding and worming.  Is there's
    > anything that can be done to mitigate previous lack of nutrition?
    Just put them onto a good ration and don't try to repair the damage
    overnight, as that's more likely to cause even more problems through colic,
    laminitis and so on.  Unless the previous lack of nutrients was really
    severe, the youngsters should be able to catch up in time and grow more or
    less to their genetic potential.  If the nutrition was REALLY poor, then
    there can be lasting problems---ie, mineral imbalances and a severe lack of
    protein can cause DOD just as too rich a diet will.  Mineral deficiencies in
    the broodmare during late gestation has been linked to angular limb
    deformities in the foal, which aren't always fixable.  And so on.  But, for
    the most part, horses are pretty good at catching up lost ground once they
    have the wherewithal to do so.
    Susan G
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    Re: [RC] [RC] SusanG / feeding a weanling, Michelle Fink