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  • - Laurie Durgin

    [RC] Racing back to camp (was 100 Mile Rides) - Sundaez

    Is it safe to assume if your horse wants to race back to camp after being out all day he is wanting to because he still has reserves...or could he be running on adrenaline? I'm just trying to figure out when it is OK to let my pony go. I know at the beginning of the ride I shouldn't cuz he's running off the pack mentality. But later in the ride...how can we tell the difference?
    If your horse has been getting through the checks fine, eating and drinking well, is it safe to assume he'll take care of himself on the way in?

    On the last couple miles of Manzanita my pony wanted to run in...though he was sorta slow on that couple mile boring fireroad stretch. Once we turned towards camp it was like he got plugged in. Was that "real" or nerves.

    Mel and Jenni....still learning.