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    Re: [RC] [Guest] 100 Mile Rides - Laurie Durgin

    So I was right . . . there is such an animal as "trailer-sour", or is it "trailer-bound""or rather "bucket-bound"? Man ,I thought being barn-sour, was a joy I got to miss at rides. . .
    .  And yes I was just a passenger trying to hang on with tired legs.  I was pretty awed though at the power the mare came up with when she knew she was trailer bound.  Kind of fun to feel that power and strength when that happens though.  They do some amazing things.
    Becky R.
    All I know is there is no greater feeling in the world than to turn into
    the woods at 90 miles and your horse realize they are only at most an
    hour form camp, drop their butt and give you whip-lash:-). Yep, you know
    they're okay if you have to haul them in to a hand gallop so you can
    dodge the trees.

    My greatest thrill in this sport was my first 100 when my mare did is
    this and put away the last 10 miles in 45 minutes. Rider, what rider, I
    was a passenger! Tired - not me dad.
    > 7  I have found that the horse seem to perk up a bit in the dark. 
    > Anyone else notice that or am I just justifying keeping my horse up
    > all night here?
    > Wendy Merendini

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