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    [RC] [Guest] hock problems/surgery? - Ridecamp Moderator

    Nina Vasiliev rides4fun@xxxxxxxxxxx

    We xrayed my morab's hocks before buying him 2 years ago.  The vet
    said he had a little bone spur in the distal hock joint on the right.  "He's a
     5 y o horse with 8 y o hocks."  Knowing how much I ride my horses, I
     asked the vet what she thought.  After thinking about it she said that he
     might be rideable until his was 15, then he might start showing signs of

    We bought him.  Three months later he was intermitttantly lame.
     Eventually we had both hocks injected with Legend and steriods.  The
     first time he responded for 8 months, the second time 5 months and
     now he is really lame at the trot.  I have him on Adequan AND

    Hopefully, he is ready to fuse.  He has an appt at the Davis Vet School
     for a lameness eval and xrays.

    My question:  if he is not ready to fuse...I am ready to be more
     aggressive with him.  Does anyone know about/have experience with
     the hock surgery which speeds fusing? Or with the injection to speed
    fusing? or with Cunean tenectomy? (I think I have that right...)  I'd like to
     know what others have gone thru before choosing an option.  Any other
     advice would be appreciated.


    Nina Vasiliev

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