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    Re: [RC] 100 mile rides - Heidi Smith

    >. I have practiced riding in the dark this week and my horse seems to
    > be slow.
    > 1st question: In your experience does a horse get better at traveling in
    > the dark at a ride or
    > do I need to spend more time working on this factor? I did time him at 3
    > 1/2 mph ( I know slow but he
    > was wanting to stop and eat as well as go back to the trailer since we
    > were riding essentially by our selves)
    > What would be a good pace in the dark, especially the last part of the
    > ride.
    Having sat at countless finish lines waiting for 100-milers to appear, I can
    tell you that the average pace for 100's in the dark is only around 3 mph,
    give or take 0.5 mph.  Horses who can consistently exceed that are really
    good ones.  The fact that you are starting out already at that speed, you
    may well be able to exceed it with some experience, but for now, you're
    doing just fine.
    >It appears that they are forecasting
    > rain so the moon will be of little help. I did ride with a head light
    > that did not cast any shadows and my horse did
    > love that!
    Be careful with headlamps.  In my experience, most horses go better with
    glow sticks on a breast collar, which give a diffuse light and are behind
    the horse's eyes.  You might want to try it.
    >Would a 5 mph average speed with I think 4  45 min holds be
    > fast enough? I can and do plan to do
    > a 6 mph when it is daylight. I am just trying to finish and gain my horse
    > and I some valuable experience.
    Aim for 6 to 7 in the daylight, as you WILL find that you go slower in the
    dark--as you've already noticed.  How fast do you usually do 50's?  Just
    back off a tad from your 50 pace, unless it is already fairly slow--if it is
    fairly slow, just maintain it.
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    [RC] 100 mile rides, dpwg