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    [RC] 100 mile rides - dpwg

    I am usually a lurker here but now I have some questions that I would
    like help with.
    I would like to do my 1st 100 this weekend. The trails are relatively
    flat. Start at 4:30
    AM. I have practiced riding in the dark this week and my horse seems to
    be slow.
    1st question: In your experience does a horse get better at traveling in
    the dark at a ride or
    do I need to spend more time working on this factor? I did time him at 3
    1/2 mph ( I know slow but he
    was wanting to stop and eat as well as go back to the trailer since we
    were riding essentially by our selves)
    What would be a good pace in the dark, especially the last part of the
    ride. It appears that they are forecasting
    rain so the moon will be of little help. I did ride with a head light
    that did not cast any shadows and my horse did
    love that! Would a 5 mph average speed with I think 4  45 min holds be
    fast enough? I can and do plan to do
    a 6 mph when it is daylight. I am just trying to finish and gain my horse
    and I some valuable experience.
    Pat in Kansas
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