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    [RC] More on the WNV horses that were vaccinated - heidi sowards

    Liz, the owner e-mailed me, she had vaccinated on Sept. 6th
    and a booster was given at the end of Sept. She also has a
    friend who vaccinated her two horses and they both came
    down with WNV as well. Liz also has a 15 year old mare and
    a 30 year old gelding that are fine. The sicker of the two
    horses ate some grain and hay today and she is hoping that
    is a good sign. The other horse is doing better. Her vet
    seems to think the reason they are showing an improvement
    is that they were in such good physical condition prior to
    getting the WNV. Both horses that were positive were 8
    years old. 
    Maybe the vaccines didn't have enough time to get a good
    immunity going? Vets? Anyone else know of horses that were
    vaccinated and positive for WNV? Since they found the bird
    near Spokane, Wa. (NE Washington) that was positive, it
    worries me a little more than previously, it's getting too
    close to home. I'm considering insuring both boys so they
    will be covered should this start getting closer to home.
    (SW Washington.)
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