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    Re: [RC] Age Distribution for AERC Members and Riders Revised - Laurie Durgin

    The girls trade horses for boys. College, work, lack of money. Repaying those student loans, buying houses, cars, having babies.Time to train. 
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    Subject: [RC] Age Distribution for AERC Members and Riders Revised
    Late at night - I not only confused mean and median - I also flipped the
    charts showing a mature population in the distribution that didn't exist.

    The correct Rider(at least one ride in 2000-2001) chart is at


    The correct Member Distribution chart is at


    This shows riders and members start as early as 4 and go until their mid 80s.

    What's more important is that we have a strong youth group then a big dip in
    membership/riders from 18-30 years old.

    Any thoughts as to why endurance doesn't seem to appeal to people in their 20s?
    College, starting families....?


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