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    RE: [RC] Dixie Midnight for Mike Sofen - Mike Sofen

    My my Karl,
    A wee bit touchy, aren't we?  Like I said, your product might be good -
    certainly there are people on ridecamp who like it - and I just wanted some
    facts, not some "I'm the best, I've got the best, everything else is junk
    and if you don't believe me then you're an idiot" hogwash that we've heard
    from dozens of other companies.  Certainly, a manufacturer who can't handle
    some simple questions is going to be inspected a tad more intently.
    In your case, you might have something of value, but your attitude and
    belligerence have probably not won you a bunch of new customers.  Oh, and by
    the way, I know what a carboy is, I've got a background in polymer science,
    analog design and underwater acoustics, have a patent for an advanced
    underwater listening device, manufactured some of the first digital
    underwater recording systems, and have been in business since 1983, although
    currently I build complex data systems for large companies.
    But all of that is really irrelevant.  I didn't ask you for the formula, all
    I asked was if you actually manufactured the raw product yourself.  From
    your response, it appears you do.  Congratulations.
    Mike Sofen
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    Re: [RC] Dixie Midnight for Mike Sofen, dixie midnight