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    Re: [RC] Dixie Midnight for Mike Sofen - dixie midnight

    Well Mike--
    Let's take 'em one at a time, shall we? And you DO understand that there are a few proprietaries in here that even your erstwhile efforts aren't gonna pry loose. You can always figger it out yourself, if you'd like. Then you can see what it's REALLY like, instead of just shooting off your mouth.

    Mike Sofen <msofen@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:57:50 -0700

    Well, Karl,
    You've tested many products.

    Yup. Many many types, in many many configurations, INCLUDING ferrous and non-ferrous
    metals,thermoformed and thermoset plastics, and the tetrafluoroethylenes, aramids, and carbons (within and without composite matrices) For many, many applications--including military and civilian aircraft, automated production machinery, automotive production, rough chemical service, pipelines, heavy equipment, hydraulic applications, recreational and commercial marine, and a few more.

    So--Mikey--how much new product development do YOU have under your belt? You very familiar with filler migrations? Whadda ya know about moduli of elasticity? Which Izod test should you use for impact resistance under flexible design constraints? Is the notch-test good
    for rigid or flexible materials? Huh? Well? And that's not even scratching the surface, Mike.

    Oh...did I forget to mention my nearly 45 years of manufacturing experience? Darn. I probably forgot to mention as well that most of those years were in MY OWN PLANTS!!! Gee. Imagine that. Do you suppose I MIGHT know what I'm talking about????

    That means that you're not manufacturing them, but testing raw >products that are manufactured by other companies.

    Ooooo Mikey---Are you SURE you wanna go there?? You don't suppose that I MIGHT have a tad of formulation experience, do you??? Just to end your wondering--I do! Do you really think I'm gonna tell YOU or anybody else my formulation?? Ummmm...lemme think...no. How's that?

    Let's face it, you could cover every horse's back in the world and it >wouldn't be much material for an industrial manufacturer, and this >type of material is very expensive to develop, relative to recouping >development costs.

    Gee, Mikey--ya think so?? Of course, what you DIDN'T think of was that maybe--just maybe--some stuff that turned out to be the BASIS of the No-Sweat vent pad was developed for SOMETHING ELSE!!???

    And maybe--just maybe--it was for a very LARGE project!?!? And maybe--just maybe--it was more of an accident that the No-Sweat vent pad came into being? And you don't suppose that I really DO think the horses should come first, do you? And that, but for the chance meeting with an Okechobee cowboy quite a few years ago, there wouldn't BE a No-Sweat vent pad? And you could all still be trying this 'n' that, and fumbling around trying to cool your horses backs with RUGS??? And that delighful heat-absorbing FOAM stuff??? Oh, yeah, Mikey--you're RIGHT on the money! We NEED more people like you, so REAL progress can be made! If you were one of my project managers, I'd'a FIRED your sorry self. Guys like you just turn my stomach. And YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A NO-SWEAT VENT PAD!!! You're talkin' through your HAT!

    But... I did say I'd answer you, so here we go with the rest of it...

    So, like most other small "manufacturers", you're buying someone else's
    "raw" material and turning it into a specialty product. Nothing wrong >with that.

    Sorry Mikey. Nice try. I order MY raw materials by the carboy (know what THAT is, do ya?), and do my own blending, per my own formulation, and then what comes next, neither you nor anyone else will know. Period.

    If you do indeed manufacture the raw material, then you probably would have described it in a bit more detail, instead of just saying over
    and over that you're the only place it is made.

    Well...just to let you know...this IS the only place that it's made. And you don't REALLY think I'm dumb enough to go blatting my formulation around on the internet, do you?!?!?

    Is there some rule I don't know about that says I can't have a really good product unless somebody like you approves of the way I make it? Get REAL Mikey! America is FULL of little guys like me, doing fabulous things with what most Big companies would consider to be wastes of their time. Then, the Big Guys just sit there like huge bloated spiders, and either STEAL the guy's invention, or buy him out. Stealing is preferred, though--I've seen it happen more than once--even had it happen to me once, too. And just HOW many huge outfits started in somebody's garage or barn?? I can think of twenty or so, right off the bat!!

    If you do manufacture it, then you probably deserve an award, because it sounds like a great product.

    Quite honestly--what I DESERVE is to NOT BE HASSLED BY IGNORAMUSES LIKE YOU!!! THAT's what I deserve. If you wanna buy one, then DO that, if you don't like it, or DON'T wanna buy one, then DON'T! But don't you EVER question my capabilities until you have at least 25 years owning your own plant(s), and KNOW what you're talking about.

    And..for your own edification and information--a bunch of vendors at Equitana, back in 1998 pressured the daylights out of me to enter the No-Sweat in the (then prestigious) Equitana Product of the Year Award competition. I declined. I am NOT interested in Awards, nor adulation.
    MY satisfaction comes from KNOWING that I build the very best that can be built, and also from that kid, who, after saving for a whole year, finally gets their No-Sweat, and writes to me 6 months later to thank me for helping her with her horse. That, to me, is the greatest award a manufacturer could ever get. Sounds too good to be true??? Get WITH it Mikey--THAT's how I DO IT! And I don't really CARE if you don't like it! You don't have to!

    But by claiming you actually manufacture the raw material that is the basis for your product, you're stretching my inclination to believe you, and if you don't actually manufacture that raw material, then all of your talking below is just useless blather, regardless of whether your finished product is good or not.

    Mikey--by now you have probably figured out that I DO do all the things I say I do, and I have the background to do them. You might have also figured out that >I< have figured out that YOU don't have the slightest clue what YOU'RE talking about. And...having figured that out, I don't really CARE what your opinion is.

    But...you SHOULD know this:

    The Genuine, Original Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad is GUARANTEED to keep your horse's back cooler and your saddle pad(s) clean and dry, no matter how hard you ride, for as long as you own it, or your money back.

    And THAT my friend, is all there is. It works. It's tested. It's proven, and ... it's GUARANTEED.

    Like I said before--if you can find a better one--BUY it. If you can't--then buy a Genuine Original Dixie Midnight No-Sweat vent pad.

    http://www.dixiemidnight.nv.switchboard.com The REAL deal!

    Dixie Midnight
    No-Sweat vent pads
    Come see us!

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