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    Re: [RC] Julie's thoughfs - Joe Long

    On Sun, 13 Oct 2002 21:16:26 EDT, Merryben@xxxxxxx wrote:
    >And there you have it.  Exactly how I feel but I don't say it nearly as 
    >eloquently.   Actually it is how a lot of us feel but once something is a 
    >done deal it is hard to undo.......look at the LD awards system.  It is just 
    >about as bad......maryben
    Weight Divisions have followed something of a "Camel's nose in the
    tent" pattern.  When they were first created there were only two
    divisions (Lightweight and Heavyweight) and were a "second-teir" kind
    of level, not getting the attention of the overall standings.  Then
    they were expanded to three, and a big push was made to make them
    equal with overall standings.  Some people even wanted to eliminate
    overall standings (there was even a proposal to stagger the starts at
    rides, so that each Weight Division had a different starting time, so
    people couldn't compare overall placings).  Today we have four, and
    the AERC gives almost no recognition to overall placings.  "This is
    the Very Best" has been almost squeezed out of the tent.  
    As long as we're stuck with weight divisions, I believe we should have
    no more than three, and still honor the horse/rider team who is "First
    of all on the trail."   Even three Divisions diluted the competition,
    and the honor of winning your Division, I believe four dilutes it
    waaay too much.
    It's not as bad as the show circuit, where 50 horses show up and 45
    take home blue ribbons.  Yet.
    Joe Long
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    [RC] Julie's thoughfs, Merryben