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    [RC] 3 hour vet decision normal? - RENESPONY

     a friend and i did the E.C.T.R.A Connecticut Kay Fullerton memorial ride 
    this Saturday.
    the ride was great even though it rained all day. more challenging and 
    interesting, had a blast all morning, rain didn't faze us.
    very well marked, never been to a ride so well marked! good job, and thank 
    you to the lower CT. river valley horseman's club.
    the only problem was the 3 hours waiting around to vet out. Is this normal? 
    even when we were done, they still spent another hour deciding the placing.
    People and horses were soaked, and cold. I'm sure the judges were tired too, 
    but it just made a wet day longer. must have been very close competition. 
    Maybe it was the weather?
    I've never left my little world of local rides and shows, it was only this 
    year that i ventured out to other states .ive done about 5 other rides, and 
    they never took that long.
    someone said that that was the right way to judge the horses, after they had 
    a chance to rest.
    someone else said that there were so many good horses at the ride the judges 
    wanted to see which ones would stiffen up and not look so good.
    there were only 27 horses. what if there 50 horses? now i wonder if the 50 
    milers will turn into 18 hour days?
    now i really need to buy that motor home! i just wasn't expecting to stay 
    there until 8 o'clock.
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