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    Re: [RC] Thoughts - Jeanne Slominski

    >In regard to horse fatalities, to paint everyone with a black brush who has
    >lost a horse is being incredibly blind. Anyone who thinks it can't happen to
    >them, in total absence of abuse, is living in a fantasy world.

    In 1987, at the American River ride, my horse, Wintergreen Justice, took me off a cliff a few miles from the lunch stop. We were trotting at the time, by ourselves. Another rider came up behind us. I remember asking if the rider wanted the trail. The next thing I remember is being in midair, off a 1200-1500 ft cliff, thinking there is no way I can live through this - nothing but trees, fallen logs, rocks and boulders. I remember pushing down on the saddle to bail. Next thing I remember is coming to. I have no idea what happened. My horse died. His body was found on Monday. I was helicoptered out and spent 4 days in UC Davis.
    Things can happen and horses can die at rides through no one's fault.
    AERC #4887

    [RC] Thoughts, Marinera