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    [RC] Thoughts - Marinera

    People who complain about lack of information disseminated by the AERC should 
    learn that they have to do a little work on their own and that means taking 
    the time to sort through the minutes, find the issues they are particularly 
    concerned about and then delve into them in depth and make their judgments 
    known.  Board meetings are open to the public. Attendance at just one might 
    earn our directors the respect they deserve. Do I always agree with them? No. 
    I am against weight divisions.  I am in the minority. Majority rules.
    In regard to horse fatalities, to paint everyone with a black brush who has 
    lost a horse is being incredibly blind. Anyone who thinks it can't happen to 
    them, in total absence of abuse, is living in a fantasy world. 
    Julie Suhr
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