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    Re: [RC] mule crosses - Mary

    I believe an Arab/Mule competed in the "Battle of the Breeds" at Spruce meadows Masters this year.  Not too bad looking either. Hard too tell it was a mule, very fine but the tell tale hoof and ears gave it away.  It seems those ears are pretty dominate in the gene pool no matter what the cross.
    There is a real cute paint cross next door to where I board. 
     I'm sure Wendy Belcher and Dr. Cris Jenson would know of more Arab/ Mules in this area so you could find one close by for your Sask. Vet. and he'd have no excuse's then!   Tell him we'll be watching for him.  ;-)
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    From: Paddi
    Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 5:30 PM
    Subject: [RC] mule crosses

    I have not heard of any arab mules. Personality would be something else.
    if any one has one
    Dr. Hamilton one of the Sask ride vets and a department head at the vet college would like to hear from you.
    Says he will ride endurance when we find him an arab mule.
    He feels quite safe that will never happen

    [RC] mule crosses, Paddi