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    Re: [RC] AERC By-Laws Changes - Truman Prevatt

    He'll have Kathrine Harris on a airplane tomorrow morning!


    Mike Sofen wrote:

    You are forgetting, of course, to factor in the number of ballots that will
    be discarded due to hanging chads, have smudged or otherwise illegible
    entries, absentee ballots from overseas personnel, and ballots left over
    from the previous voting that they may choose to include in this voting.
    I've asked Jeb Bush to personally oversee the vote counting...  :-)

    Mike Sofen

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    If you are an AERC member - PLEASE VOTE in the upcoming By-Laws Election!!!! (it takes 2/3rds to tango!!)


    RE: [RC] AERC By-Laws Changes, Mike Sofen