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    Re: [RC] AERC By-Laws Changes - Joe Long

    On Tue, 08 Oct 2002 14:43:22 -0600, John Teeter <johnt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    >>Mine is mailed. I voted no. tom sites
    >And a congratulations to Tom!!!  The quorum is one member closer to being 
    Actually, the current bylaws require a two-thirds majority of *votes
    returned*, with no quorum based on membership numbers.
    I believe it was a serious mistake to have a single "up or down" vote
    on the whole package.  I understand that the intent was to keep a
    consistent package, but the individual articles should be able to
    stand or fall on their own.  As it is, there is one item I cannot
    accept, and that is the requirement that only U.S. and Canadian
    citizens can be voting AERC members (no resident aliens).  As I must
    vote yes or no on only the whole package, I must vote "no."
    Joe Long
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