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    Re: [RC] [RC] Proposed Bylaws - Magnumsmom

    These changes have been announced, discussed, available
    on Ridecamp and up on internet since April.  John Parke
    provides a great dual vision of the old vs new on the
    aerc.org website for those who bothered to go read them.
    They are posted right out in the open (as opposed to 
    being posted on the bottom of the filing cabinet behind
    the locked door with the sign that reads "Beware of the
    Tiger"... to mis-quote Doug Adams).
    Earlier this year the cry was that the BOD does not keep
    us up to date with all the changes.  The fact that these
    have been up and available for most of the year is proof
    that any previous lack of information as been corrected.
    I am embarassed for Ridecamp right now.  I've been guilty
    last Spring of being a last minute screamer prior to the
    AERC convention (which I didn't get to AGAIN this year),
    and I've got to share what I learned.  If you don't know
    what all is going on with your BOD, don't assume that
    a quote on Ridecamp taken out of context is reality.
    I see this kind of thing as the reason Ridecamp gets such
    a bad rap from people in the AERC who are actually trying
    to accomplish something.
    Have you gone and read through the bylaws provided?  If so,
    you would have already known that it is only the word 
    "family" that is going away in the membership changes.
    As for the voting membership, well, it's been posted out
    in the open and explained for ***MONTHS***.  Why bother
    with it now if it didn't bother you before?  Read through 
    all the changes that are needed and then come back and 
    explain why you would vote against the by-laws now just 
    because you didn't bother to discuss one point with your 
    BOD before general meeting, let alone before the ballots 
    were printed and sent out.
    Since you didn't bother with reading the Bylaw changes
    before now, and since you agree that the changes in
    general are good, you should start working on the changes
    for next year to address your issue as opposed to trying 
    to shoot down the whole kit-n-kaboodle and bad mouthing 
    our BOD yet again.  There are other options, you know.
    I'm truly embarassed for Ridecamp today.
    Kathy Myers
    in Santa Fe, NM
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