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    Re: [RC] Chevy Avalanche - Lysane Cree

    Hi Roy,

    Well, I am in Canada too so if your Chevy guy is saying that about the warranty then its probably going to apply to me as well! :)    I did see on the GM Canada website though that there are two "models" of the Avalanche - one with a stronger engine than the other, more horsepower. I wonder if this would make any difference, or perhaps the warranty is the same for both (?)

    How sad, I thought the Avalanche was cool and would have looked mighty fine in front of a gooseneck....Oh well... I suppose I could look at other trucks that are similar with the extended cab :)


    to From: "Roy Drinnan" <rdrinnan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Subject: [RC]   RE Chevy Avalanche

    I talked to my chevy guy today (truck Salesman).  He says you cannot
    anything other that a bumber pull with the Avalange.  Will void

    This guy useually know his stuff.  But we are in Canada, so it may be

    Why not just get a crew cab short box and a three piece bed cover ???

    I have an 8.1 litre with an Allison.  Had a lot of GMC product.  This
    is Da

    Just for comparison, I have pulled with the following for my last few

    1994 350 1/2 ton auto ext cab short box 3.73 rears
    1997 454 3/4 ton ext cab short box 3.73 rears
    1998 6.5 diesel(turbo) 1 ton ext cab dually 4.10 rears
    1999 454 1 ton crew cab dually 4.10 rears
    2001 8.1 litre gas 3/4 ton HD Allison Auto 3.73 rears.

    Three hourse sundowner with small living quarters.  Pulled I77 up
    toward I81
    NC to Virginia 8 mile grade accellerated from about 35 MPH at the
    (traffic problem) to cruising at 65MPH at the top without more that
    half the

    Roy Drinnan
    Nova Scotia

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