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    Re: [RC] Help! - Exercise advise - MarisR

    Alison, I'd love to try to help, but I need more info.  Medicine is what I do when I'm not riding, but I need to know exactly where the pain is, if there is ever swelling, how long the pain lasts, etc.  The more detail the better I can understand and help you.  In the meantime, start glucosamine sulfate, 1500 mg per day, and a multivitamin with minerals if you are not already doing this.  You'll hear alot of suggestions on ridecamp about changing stirrup positions and or saddles, and there is truth to all that, worth a try.  You might also want to try changing the angle of your feet in the stirrups, to point the toes more forward by rotating the thigh bones inward.  As far as exercises to help, give me more info, and I'll try to give you good references for tis.  You may also find that just like your horse, humans get depleted of glycogen, electrolytes and water on rides, and you may need to address your hydrat ion and glycogen needs.