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  • - Daniela Mielke

    [RC] [Guest] Barefoot - a tiring subject, Next please! - Ridecamp Moderator

    Laura Tichenor lit959@xxxxxxxxx

    Haven't we talked enough about barefoot(ing) horses, isn't there another board where the subject is being discussed? If so PLEASE somebody post this so the discussions will go there.

    Everytime (it seems) I read ridecamp, there is discussion about barefooting horses. Am I the only one tired of listening/reading of this? Delete! Ignore. Skim over it.

    Fine, ok, alrighty, gotcha, cool, wow, your horses are ridden barefoot. So what? To each their own. Free country. Do what you want to do with your horses, whatever. You ride your horse your way, I will ride mine my way. Next subject, please.

    We seem to keep beating a dead (use your own noun here) over this issue. Must we keep discussing/arguing it over and over and over and over . . . . ? When a horse is ridden on the Tevis totally barefoot - no easy boots - maybe some of us will want to listen up. But until then, not interested in reading, listening, discussing, nor reading your advertising for your "farm" at the bottom of your post(s) it anymore.

    What works for some horses may not work for all horses. It is the same for bits, bridles, saddles, riding techniques, etc. Maybe Steph can set up an entire separate ridecamp for unshod horses to be discussed.


    Laura T, yes an AERC member whom is sending in her voting ballot.

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