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    RE: [RC] BC award for 11th place? - Shayne Smith

    I know I recently tied for 9-10-11th place and was told not to show for
    BC... bummer.... :(
    Don't know that I would have received this award, but I had a good chance.
    I hope the ride managers and vets out there agree?
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    Subject: Re: [RC] BC award for 11th place?
    > AERC RULES: Best Condition
    > (9.3  Under the AERC system, all of the first ten finishing equines are
    > eligible for consideration, whether ridden by Junior, Featherweight,
    > Lightweight, Middleweight or Heavyweight riders.)
    > Is this correct?  Cueno Creek 50 awarded the 11th place finisher the BC
    > award?  I know there was tie for 10 & 11 as far as time, but???
    > I know riders who finished 11th with in a time tie and were told they were
    > not allowed to show for BC?
    If they are tied for 10th place, then they are not tenth and eleventh--they
    are both tenth place, and there IS no eleventh place.  Yes, when there is a
    tie for 10th, both 10th place horses are judged.
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