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    [RC] [Guest] New video for gaited horses, naturally - Ridecamp Moderator

    Ann Warrington anniewarr@xxxxxxx

    I am the producer of this video. Having ridden Paso Finos and
    a TWH in endurance, I know some of you will find this of interest:

    Gaited Horses, NATURALLY!


    Well it's finally going into production - the long awaited

    "Gaited Horses, Naturally!" educational pack.

    Order NOW for November delivery.

      Reply to this address if you'd like to
          let me know you will be ordering.


    US ORDERS ONLY, for now....

    All the information is contained in the text below AND in the attached flyer (with pictures). To open the flyer you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from:


    Use UP and DOWN keys to switch pages of the flyer.
    Use ESCAPE to return from full screen view.
    Use FIT TO PAGE to print.

    Here is a text version, should you choose NOT to download
    the flyer.
    The pack contains two videos and a booklet in a vinyl case
    for safe and convenient storage on your bookshelf.  It

    o How Parelli Natural HorseManShip applies to gaited

    o How to help trotty and pacey horses find a smooth gait
    to ride

    o How to maintain gait on a loose rein

    All without weighted shoes, tie-downs, draw reins or
    severe bits.

    Video 1: Knowledge - Approximately 100 minutes.
          Sit in on a live presentation by David - A fun and in
    depth look at understanding, identifying and influencing
    gaits without the use of chains, harsh bits, tie downs,
    tight reins or extreme shoeing.  Pat Parelli says that in
    order to train horses you must adjust to fit the
    situation, but you have to understand the situation first!
    This video will help you understand the situation with
    regards to gaits, preparing you to apply the natural
    techniques to your own horse.

    Video 2: Techniques - Approximately 65 minutes.
          Demonstrations by David on how to help trotty and
    pacey horses find a smooth gait to ride on a loose rein.
    Includes a segment on true collection and how to be in
    harmony with the horse when using it to influence gait.
    Examples of students using these techniques to get results
    the very first time they try them.

    Booklet: Gaited Horses Naturally - 50 Pages
          All the questions David has received about gaited
    horses are answered here.  Also includes all of the charts
    and diagrams from the live presentation, background
    information, a resource list and definitions of terms and
    concepts.  Loaded with illustrations and still frame shots
    from the videos.

    To order:

    Send $85 plus $8.95 S & H
    (CA residents add $6.59 sales tax) to:

    David Lichman
    P O Box 340683
    Sacramento CA 95834

    Please be sure to include your phone number, and a
    physical address for delivery by FedEx Ground.

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