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    Re: [RC] sole trimming - Debra Ager

    (in reply to Heidi's comment)
    I agree.  Trimming feet is not for everyone.  You have to know what you are doing, and the learning process can take awhile.  The main thing is to remember that each foot is different and requires different treatment. 
    By the way, I envy those of you who have someone who can do a good job on your horse's feet--whatever that job may be.  I'd love not to have to do it myself; I'd rather be riding!!!  The problem is, I've never found a farrier that did right by my horses feet, nor could I have afforded for them to trim the feet as often as they need it, even if I did find someone.  Half of the farriers I've had in the past didn't even have a particular interest in horses!  One of them competed internationally in farrier competitions.  He said that they were judged on how well the shoe was made, how fast the work was done, and how well it was applied to the hoof.  He didn't mention if they looked at the horse's way of going before and after, though.  Does anyone know if they do take into account the horse's locomotion and soundness in these competitions?

    [RC] sole trimming, Debra Ager
    Re: [RC] sole trimming, Heidi Smith