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    Re: [RC] sole trimming - Heidi Smith

    The trick is to be sufficiently adept to know the difference between excess sole and/or bars that should have sloughed, had the horse been running in natural conditions, versus what the horse should have and needs to have in place to be protective.  I've never seen farriers leave too much, although it is certainly possible to do so.  I've seen numerous trims in which the bars have been trimmed back all the way to the heels and the hoof has been "cupped" to the point that there is practically no sole left at all, and the frog trimmed to nearly nothing.  Bad deal.
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    From: Debra Ager
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    Subject: [RC] sole trimming

    Frequently, people mistake trimming away the overgrown bars, which lay down over the sole, for trimming away "too much sole".  If the bars are allowed to grow over the sole of the hoof laterally, or to advance further than half-way down toward the point of the frog, they can cause bruising of the sole and actually weaken the sole and prevent the sole from growing beneath them.  It is important to trim the excess bar away to prevent bruising and deterioration of the sole beneath it.
    Also, sometimes a horse will just grow excess sole if they are not kept in rocky enough conditions to wear it away.  If the sole itself becomes too thick, and especially if it is uneven in thickness (i.e. the surface of the sole is bumpy) it can cause bruising and pain similar to overgrown callouses on people feet (I mean the discomfort and the cause it is similar, not the anatomy of the feet). 

    [RC] sole trimming, Debra Ager