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    Re: [RC] [RC] EZboot Size - Heidi Smith

    >btw, size 2
    > easyboot feet in endurance horses are the exception rather than the rule.
    > :+)  Most take 1's or 0's. Some even take 00's.
    That is depressing.  I don't have a horse on the place of riding age that
    can wear less than a 2 when shod, and only a couple that could wear 1's
    barefoot.  I mostly use 1's as medicine boots for youngsters.  I've never
    owned an 0--would have no need of one unless a yearling needed a medicine
    boot.  Just goes to show how badly the feet have been bred off of far too
    many of our modern Arabians.  Just one more illustration of why I stick to
    these old-fashioned guys--they still come with enough foot to do a job.
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