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KV Vet customer service

This is the post I meant to send yesterday but screwed up my email from work again.

Anyway, I ordered some ivermectin and Panacur Power Pack for my infested horse and paid a bunch extra to get it the next day which was Friday.  It came but unfortunately they sent me two regular Panacur tubes instead of the PP.  I called and was told they could get it to me Monday but I wanted it sooner so decided to get it from my vet Saturday.

Then I called the vet and he was out of it.  So I called K V Vet supply back and asked if there was anything they could do.  Well they did.

They shipped it to me overnight to my house with Saturday deliver at their expense and told me to keep the regular Panacur tubes they had sent in error.  It arrived as promised at 10:00 this am.   

They did something nice for me so I want to do something nice for them.  Use them, their prices are great and so is their Customer Service...


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