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Re: RC: Best Condition

Normally only the top 10 qualify to stand for BC.   At some rides for LD rides
this is different.

You will normally present your horse to the vet 10 to 15 minutes after your
finishing time for a CRI.  At  one hour after you cross the finish line you will
present you horse to the vet for the BC exam.  There are various categories in
which you are judges from metabolic recovery, soundness, back, etc.

You will recieve a vet score. There are also time scores ( on point per minute )
and weight scores ( 1/2 point per pound ).  These three scores are added (with the
vet score weighted by 3 times ) to give the total vet score.

If you top 10 and want to stand, you are responsible for getting your horse to the
CRI, to get your horse to the vet in exactly one hour and you are responsible for
getting weighted (with tack). The best thing you can do for your horse is to get
him back to the trailer or crew area, get him hydrated and get him eatting. You
should also keep him moving so he doesn't stiffen up. Eat awhile and trot him
awhile to keep him loose and alert. He can go to sleep after the BC is over.  You
should also practice trotting out, circles, figure 8's, out and back. He should do
this willingly and should look happy doing it. The better he shows the better he
will look.

Truman wrote:

> As I am still fairly new to this sport, can someone please explain 'Best
> Condition'
> for me?   The you qualify...what steps to take at a ride if you
> think you it different for different distances, horses, etc.
> Thanks!
> Tracy

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