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Re: RC: DVE ride - AERC Completion Rules

There are many times when problems arise a rides for various reasons, trail
vandalism, inadequate trail marking, color blind riders. Yep, some people have
one hell of a time picking up blue markers, some confuse different colors.
There is some wiggle room in the rules to give RM's latitude to give
completion only if the rider has done the miles. There will be no placement
allowed in those instances.

I would believe that if an AERC director was present and helped resolve the
issue, then the issue should be settled and it is unless a protest if filed.

The thing that may be a bit troubling ( and hope my interpretation of some
pervious post are not correct in this matter ) in this whole thread is that
"it should not be held accountable to the same standard because it is a
multiday ride."  Every sanctioned AERC ride should play by the same set or

Truman wrote:

> David Putnam
> "David, that is absolutely not true.  After talking to you, when I asked
> Jackie about it, she was already going to give them completion only.
> maryben"
> AERC Rules & Regulations, page 16, section L6. Completion requires meeting
> all of the following criteria:
> d.following the prescribed course, and doing multiple loops in the correct
> order.
> e. passing all control points.
> f. passing all vet requirements.
> Maryben, you don't even know the AERC rules, weren't you an AERC
> representative recently? these 4 riders who cut trail and blew off the vet
> check should never have received completions. You and Jackie are not
> following the AERC Rules & Regulations at an AERC sanctioned ride, period.
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