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Yankees heading south again -- SC, GA -- ideas?

Hubby and I are taking the two had-enough-of-winter endurance horses and heading south again in a few weeks, planning to do the Hallelujah ride near Columbia, SC, before heading back.

We're in WNY and planning to stop the first night near the Roanoke, VA, area, then head on south to SC or GA to do about 8 days of camping and riding before heading to the Hallelujah ride site, and then home.

We have a LQ trailer and electric paddocks, so really would love to find a place to stay with electric and water hookups, with stalls being a big plus!  Will need a place near Roanoke on 2/13 (just an overnight stay on the way there and back), as well as a destination in SC/GA or parts thereabout!  (We'd love to ride on the beach, even if it means a day trip, if anyone knows where we can do that.)

Thanks to all.  You can reply to my email at to avoid cluttering the list.

--Patti Stedman

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