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Photos for Regional Awards

I will use a Powerpoint presentation at the regional awards ceremony at the 
convention this year to help move things along and make it more interesting.  
We are aiming to have the whole thing done in two hours.  When I get to each 
region I would like to project a few photos showing what the rides in that 
region are like.  Ideally the scenery displayed in each photo will indicate 
in what region the photo was taken.  A photo for the Southwest region, for 
example, might show horses crossing the desert in New Mexico.  I would also 
like to show a few action photos of regional award winners and/ or their 
horses.  If you have a photo which I could use, please send me the print by 
mail or scan it and email it to me.  Mail should be sent to my office at 317 
E. Carrillo St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101.  If I don't receive enough photos 
for each region, I will fill in with pictures of my ponies.  If you plan on 
going to the regional awards and don't want to look at Icelandics for two 
hours, please send me something as soon as possible.  Many thanks.

John Parke
Solvang CA. 

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