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Re: Trail Blazer Magazine

Hello ridecampers,
It seems like this was a topic on ridecamp previously and I wonder if anyone
can shed light again on what is happening with this magazine or if anyone is
having similar problems.  I tried to email Susan Gibson at the last email
address I had for her which is  The email bounced.
Susan, if you are out there, can you please resond?  Here is a copy of the
email I tried to send:

Dear  Trail Blazer Magazine,

I mailed you check # 932 in the amount of $24 on Dec. 15, 1999 for a one
year subscription to your magazine.  You informed me by email at that time
that you were going up to 8 issues in the year 2000.  I sent you an email on
March 11, 2000 to let you know that I had not  received my first issue yet.
The Mar/Apr 2000 issue arrived a few days later.  Then I received one more
issue after that and that is it!   I only received two magazines for my $24.
What's up?

Cindy Brasfield, DVM
24024 Rawls Road
Robertsdale, AL  36567
(251) 947-5218

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