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Re: Re: RE: Verbal Cues

This is an interesting thread, because it's something we were discussing last night, when I was riding my horse, and, afterwards, my fiancee's horse.
I hadn't realised quite how much I talk to the horses, and even more, to myself, when schooling.  Roderick commented that it's almost like watching a lesson : as I encrease my leg aids, I'll say "more leg, more leg" (whether it's to me, or to tell my horse to use his engine more, I'm not sure).  When he's not coming on the bit, I croon "soften, soften", and I always cue a halt with a "ready.....aaaaaaand.......ho!"  My upward transitions are accompanied by tongue clicks, and when I ask for extensions, I make a little whooshing noise.
If the horse doesn't move off of the leg quickly enough, a tap with the stick is accompanied by "uh-uh".  I also use the "uh-uh" if he backs off of a jump.  And to get his attention back on me if he starts to waiver.
Do these help my horse?  Who knows.....but they do help me to focus on what I'm doing, and what I expect the result to be.
But I think my favourite verbal cue is Jeanie's "Booga booga" when I feel a spook coming <g>


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