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Re: RC: RE: Re: verble cues

I use lots of verbal from the ground, ie longing or long-lining, but try to 
stay away from in the saddle.

From the ground the horses (in particular the stallion who is in dressage 
training) know: walk (upward pitch), aaaddnddd walk (downward pitch, the and 
being the half-halt sound), walk on! (crisp and strong for laggers, this one 
usually accompanied with a flick of the whip towards the hocks), trot, 
aaaddnddd trot, trot on!, can-ter, can-ter on!.  And obviously, aaaddnddd 
whoa.  And "support" words like "stea-dy" or easy

I used to use clicks (trot) and kisses (lope), etc under saddle.  Alot, in 
fact almost exclusively.  But now have one ex-roping gelding so cued to the 
kiss sound, that anyone kissing, anwhere around him, sends him into a 
sprint.  Not good since he's generally the "guest" horse.  Thankfully he 
also stops just as fast as he starts!  And the "guest can usually stay on 
for the stride or two he takes before realizing that there is no cow around.

I use "watch it" or "careful" to have them look more closely at the trail.

>From: "Anna Larson" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: RC:  RE: Re: verble cues
>Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:14:35 -0700
>Verbal cues my horse knows include:
>Walk- he love walk slows right down (to lazy to go faster if he can walk)
>will drop from a dead run to a walk in a couple strides or less.
>Trot- OK mom if I really have to  (to lazy to go probably have to say it a
>time or two)
>Ho= stop comes to a dead stop nearly anywhere almost immediately ( he likes
>this one also)
>crincle of plastic or paper= Mom's eating something good and I'd better
>stick my nose in to get some
>Pop and fizz of opening a soda/beer can= Mom's got a dirnk I can't pass up.
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