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Re: [CTR] why compete

#1. You meet a lot of nice people who also love to ride.
#2. You often get to ride areas not open to you except through the ride.
#3.  It challenges you and your horse to new experiences.
#4.  It is a safe, friendly, and courteous environment to camp and ride,
where everyone is taking care of their horses and each other.
#5.  It is exhilirating, and a healthy sport.
#6.  You always come away with something new to try to accomplish.
#7.  You and your horse develop lasting friendships with people and horses.
#8.  In my experience, everyone is rooting for everyone else, helping
whenever they can, and appreciative of the expertise of others.  Very
#9.  It prompts me to do what I love to do, and not make excuses not to
#10. It makes me smile!

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but why compete?

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