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Re: kimberwicks

 Thanks to all for the info on kimberwickes.  I was at the feedstore today and one just jumped into my hand so I bought it <g>.  As soon as I got home I tried my mare in the pasture bareback with her old bit, then put on the kimberwicke.  We both LOVE it!!  None of the chewing and tossing with the snaffles from my mare, and the lateral response is so much better than the grazing bit.  And still plenty of control (the pasture is the big test as she acts worse there than anywhere).  Thanks for all your advice and help.

Dana and Marcha, who both think kimberwickes are great

  Dyane Smith <> wrote:

Hi, Maryanne,
I had that same experience--the horse relaxing with the kimberwicke.  I especially like mine because it is made of a very hard rubber.  Not too cold in winter and seems to be comfortable.  Unfortunately, I've never found another one.  Probably turns out they cause mouth cancer or something.
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One of my mares has a very low roof of her mouth. I used all sorts of jointed snaffles on her, even one of the sterling silver three link, but when I changed to a low port kimberwicke she relaxed completely. For her it's more comfortable and I almost never touch the reins. Fact is, if she decides that she's REALLY gonna run, I could have barbed wire in her mouth and it wouldn't make a hair of a difference. But she doesn't do that any more.  I think she was running away from the banging of the bit on the top of her mouth.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

 So am I correct in thinking that a low port KW would 'feel' similar to the horse as a low port grazing bit, leverage aside?  It would seem to me that the KW would be milder (which is what I am looking for), plus be better for lateral cues.  What'cha think?
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