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SERA Convention

Good news from the SERA convention. On Duane Barnett DVM's recomendation,
SERA voted to buy equine scales to have at each ride.  This will be a
great research tool for all of us.  May take us awhile to get our data
together but I think it's going to give us some great insight into what's
going on in our horses hydrationwise.

Wish more SE people had come. Had good speakers and it's always nice to
see everyone.  Lots of good awards. GERA has started giving top 10 junior
awards in open & LD which is really great. Used to be just 1st junior got
an award.  Bonnie was thrilled to hear she'd gotten something.  Makes her
want to ride more next year. Thought I'd get the word out to other SE
people with juniors. Might want to join GERA if you haven't already.

Angie (all inspired and ready to get back in training)
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