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    [RC] Bear Valley Springs Ride - Peggy Bergman-Smith

    On behalf of Bear Valley Springs and all our volunteers, thank-you Diane! I
    remember you from the vet check and your horse, Bo.
    I worked all day with Dr. Billingsley on the BVS ride. My horse had
    last-minute hoof problems so I had to cancel, but had a great time at the
    ride anyway. We all had a great time working on the ride and like to take
    any opportunity to show off our community and trails!
    For the most part, it was a great group of riders. I say for the most part
    because there were a couple of people there that maybe should take up dirt
    bike riding?  Fortunately, they were the very small exception.
    Next year, I'll be riding!
    Peggy Bergman-Smith (newbie [1 LD] at 54)
    Bear Valley Springs
    Third, what a great weekend I had in Tehachapi at the BVS Ride! I'll do that
    one every year, great organization, excellent trails, water stops, BBQ and
    awards! (did I mention that Bo got the oldest horse award for the 2nd
    year...he's 21 and LOVES those hills, I'm so proud!)  I'm so glad there are
    LDs for those of us with older horses. I rode off and on with different
    people that day since I go to rides alone and had the privilege and fun to
    meet and ride with the youngest rider of the day, Danielle, a 9 year old who
    had the best attitude of any rider I've met. Her mom must be so proud, hey
    Tara! I'm sure we'll be seeing lots more of those two.
    See you at the next ride,
    Diane (newbie at 45 years)
    Bo Haskim (I'm not old!)
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