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    Re: [RC] Not really endurance but ... (kinda long) - A. Perez

    Some thoughts on the shying horse:
    1.  Yes, 2 months of training is too soon to soon to have
        great expectations.  If it is not safe to be on his back,
        get off and DO GROUNDWORK!  It is my opinion that at least
        75% of issues under saddle result from (or can be addressed 
        through correcting) poor ground manners and inadequate
        ground training. He should know what "No" and "Good Boy" 
        (ie "Yes") mean: THIS MUST BE TAUGHT!  Tone of voice is NOT 
        enough!  He should accept handling over 100% of his body, 
        lead from either side, fully respect your space (if you 
        stop suddenly while leading him and move towards him, he 
        should get out of YOUR way, even if he has to back up to do 
        it).  He should know how to move forward, backwards and to 
        the side (laterally) in response to physical cues and, 
        ideally, verbal cues.  You should be able to lead him 
        around and over scary obstacles: tarps, ramps, into 
        trailers, through water.  After he leads well,if a suitable 
        ponying-horse is available, try ponying him.
    2.  You mention that he has been stabled and is used to humans.
        How much time is this horse spending in a stall.  My guess
        is too much.  If a horse spends alot of time shut up in a 
        barn, if course he'll spook at all the sights, sounds etc 
        out in the big scary world!  Plus he's young: he needs some 
        chance to get his ya-yas out! Get him more field time.  I 
        also will hazard a guess that he's getting more grain than 
        he needs given his workload (most horse do, IMO).
    Just some thoughts,
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