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    Re: [RC] Riding Songs - Lynne Glazer

    At 6:00 PM -0600 9/24/02, Drin Becker wrote:
    Maggie wrote

    "PS I'm also fond of 'the letter' from Garth Brooks. It talks about a =
    cowboy getting a letter from back east and how his life is better than =

    Oh, but they've never seen the northern lights,
    never heard a hawk on the wing,
    they've never spent spring at the great divide,
    and they've never heard camp cookie sing.

    Ok Maggie , I hate to start another ridecamp war but that
    song was originally Chris LeDoux's not Garth Brooks :-)
    and is also my favorite riding song !
                 Drin Becker , a serious Chris LeDoux fan

    Chris LeDoux is performing at Norco's Nellie Weaver Hall the end of this month, c'mon down!

    My horse does like "John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith", but wishes I knew more than one verse:

    John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith
    That's my name too!

    Where ever I'm about
    the people always shout
    John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith
    da da da da da da da...

    She seems to like Army jody calls too.
    Easy to make up new ones, too.  She seems to prefer it to my singing.


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    Re: [RC] Riding Songs, Drin Becker