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    Re: [RC] Riding Songs - Jim Holland

    Actually, it was neither.  The song is called "Night Rider's Lament" and
    was written by Michael Burton.  IMHO, the best version of the song was
    recorded by Nancy Griffith on the "Other Voices|Other Rooms" album. The
    part Maggie quoted is the "bridge".
    The verses are:
    When I was out a-ridin'
    The graveyard shift midnight till dawn
    The moon was as bright as a reading light
    For a letter from an old friend back home.
    Why do you ride for your money?
    Why do you rope for short pay?
    You ain't gettin' nowhere
    And you're losing your share
    You must've gone crazy out there.
    He said last night I ran into Jenny
    They married and have a good life
    Oh, you sure missed the track when you never came back
    She made the perfect professional's wife.
    They've never seen the Northern Lights
    Never seen a hawk on the wing
    Never seen the spring hit the Great Divide
    Oh, they never heard ol' Camp Cookie sing.
    I read up the last of my letter
    And tore off the stamp for Black Jim
    Little Dougie rode up to relieve me
    He just looked at my letter and grinned.
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
    > Drin Becker wrote:
    > Maggie wrote
    > "PS I'm also fond of 'the letter' from Garth Brooks. It talks about a
    > =
    > cowboy getting a letter from back east and how his life is better than
    > =
    > theirs....
    > Oh, but they've never seen the northern lights,
    > never heard a hawk on the wing,
    > they've never spent spring at the great divide,
    > and they've never heard camp cookie sing.
    > Ok Maggie , I hate to start another ridecamp war but that
    > song was originally Chris LeDoux's not Garth Brooks :-)
    > and is also my favorite riding song !
    >              Drin Becker , a serious Chris LeDoux fan
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    Re: [RC] Riding Songs, Drin Becker