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    Re: [RC] weight divisions - Truman Prevatt

    Unless you carry weight or get a bigger saddle.


    Rides 2 Far wrote:
    the last ride that I am teetering on the edge of  middleweight.  Do 
    I HAVE to go to middleweight next year if I lose more weight?  
    Someone told me I can ride in any weight division I want to..
    You can ride in a lower division than your weight, but not in a higher
    one.  I'm a lightweight. I can compete as a featherweight if I want to,
    but not as a middleweight. Hmm, would I rather be beat by Melissa Crain
    or Nikki Young?  Decisions, decisions.
    If you lose weight you can ride as a middleweight, lightweight, or
    featherweight, but not as a heavyweight.

    Re: [RC] weight divisions, Rides 2 Far