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    Re: [RC] Rider pain - Maggie Mieske

    You're almost addicted now (at least to Ridecamp and finding out everything you can first!).  :)  I had a terrible pain on my first 50....thought I just might die.  My nurse sister thought I was having a heart attack (I was only 36 at the time).  Turns out I had displaced a rib.  :)  Subsequent rides got easier but I have battled more "soreness" and fatigue than pain.  I take MSM which has helped a lot, especially with joint pain.  Arnica montana helps a lot.  Also tell your wife to buy a big tube of A & D ointment and use it liberally in delicate areas.  And keep it with her.  :)  It does get easier with time though I'm not sure if you just get used to it or if you just go numb.  :)  I have had a good adrenaline rush the last few rides which helps a lot.  I do think different rides will feel differently depending on terrain and the weather.  I did my fastest 50 this year in 4 hours and 42 minutes and felt great but it got colder as the day wore on and rained (I actually think I saw substance to that rain and suspect it was trying to snow!) and later, I was VERY stiff and sore...muscle wise.  I took a centered riding lesson last year that taught me TONS.  Just having my weaknesses pointed out and learning how to correct them has saved me A LOT of pain, I am certain!  Changing gaits helps as I get really fatigued on flatter trails that don't have much variation just doing the same old thing mile after mile.  I prefer a little more challenging course with hills and single tracks...so does my horse.  Keeps you more alert and focused and from getting bored.  :)  Some rides are better than others and we all have trails that we prefer over others and that our horses just do better on.  I think most times I ride on a scale of 2-3 for pain and/or discomfort and sometimes more but much less nowadays.  :)  Good luck.  JUST DO IT...and remember what works for one (person or horse) may not work for another so keep trying until you find what does work! 

    [RC] Rider pain, Steven & Trudy Hurd