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    [RC] [Guest] Camp & Trail Songs - Ridecamp Guest

    Chris Thomson christine_thomson@xxxxxxxxx
    Just had to join in here I have always sung:
    Stewball was a good horse,
    He wore a high head,
    the mane on his foretop
    Was as fine as silk thread.
    I rode him in England,
    I rode him in Spain,
    And I never did lose, boys,
    I always did gain.
    So come all you gamblers,
    Where ever you are,
    And don't bet your money
    On that little gray mare.
    Most likely she'll stumble,
    Most likely she'll fall,
    But you never will lose, boys,
    On my noble Stewball.
    As they were a-ridin'
    'Bout halfway around,
    That gray mare she stumbled
    And fell on the ground.
    And away out yonder,
    Ahead of them all,
    Came a-prancin' and' dancin'
    My noble Stewball.
    As you can see...there are many ways to fit the song to your horse and
    current ride/race!  I love to be cantering along, in 2-point and gently sing
    into their ear:  "Oh, Brigadier is a race horse, He never drank water, he
    always drank wine"  It is amazing how horses love to hear their own name
    being sung to them!  I guess since it is a ballad I love to sing it at the
    This is from a compilation of songs that Joan Baez put together many years
    ago that I made my piano playing sister play and sing to me when I was about
    8yrs.  Several years ago I begged to borrow the entire music book from her
    simply for Stewball!  Now I sing and play it to my son!
    Here is what the song is based on:
    In its original Irish form, this ballad told of a race between a horse named
    "Sku-ball" and a mare, "Miss Portly," on the Kildare race track in the early
    19th century.  In America the song has been most popular in the South where
    the winning horse is known variously as "Stewball" or "Kimball."  The music
    for this version is the work of the Greenbriar Boys.
    I am really enjoying hearing about all these songs...we should do a book!
    Happy Trails,
    Chris Thomson
    Delta, BC - Canada
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