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    Re: [RC] juniors - Howard Bramhall

    I think I mentioned this before in one of my silly stories, but I was at a ride a couple years back where this one adult rider (her name is Susan), from Macon GA, had over 15 juniors with her.  Susan was a riding instructor and had brought her entire class with her to this ride.  I had Dance Line, my overly hyper American Saddlebred with me, and we were all doing a measly 25 miler.  Dance was on fire, as usual.
    Well, wanting desperately to slow my horse down, I got behind all these girls.  For awhile, nobody noticed me.  They were all doing a slow trot a the time.  Then, Susan, in front, turns her head slightly (she didn't see me way in the back) and yells out, "Girls, do you want to canter?"  In unison, they all responded, "Yes, Ma'am."  I was a little late with the "Yes, Ma'am," so this got their attention.  They all turned their heads and looked at me and my wacky acting 17 hand giraffe, posing as a horse.  Several of the girls giggled.  I'm not sure if they were laughing at me or the horse, or both.
    I stayed with them the entire way.  Dance Line seemed to enjoy these juniors more than anything and it turned out to be a fantastic ride.  Even though I didn't really get credit for being their sponsor, Susan told me she liked the fact I was there "bringing up the rear."  Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed being one of the "girls" and responding, with them, "Yes Ma'am," every time Susan announced a gait change.  It was all too cool, for me.  All the girls completed, along with Susan and myself.
    Howard (don't ever pass up a chance to sponsor these kids; they are the future of our sport) 
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    I sponsored 7 juniors at one time.  what a blast.  It was competitive but we
    did the last 10 in an hour with the kids playing race track and still
    managed to walk 2 miles in.  Songs - 99 bottle of beer on the wall (this
    gets old real fast), There is a hole in the bottom of the sea, She will be
    coming around the mountain when she comes, The ants go marching one by one,
    Hey lilee, lilee, lo, Roll me over in the clover (be careful what verses you
    sing), Yonder stands little Maggie, Do the hokey pokey, etc.  Jeanie

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