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    Re: [RC] Bear Valley LD - Laurie Durgin

    And how old do you have to be to get the "old lady award", heah may be a winner yet?
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    From: Lynne Glazer
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    Subject: [RC] Bear Valley LD
    I love new rider stories like this:

    A dressage/jumping trainer, who relocated to the region recently &
    concentrates on classical rather than for-show dressage, read about
    the Norco Riverdance ride in a regional horse magazine, Ride!  (I
    didn't know we even had a listing).

    She called me up and chatted about the sport, wondering which of her
    boys would be suitable for a first event:  her Arab?  Lippizan?
    Lusitano stallion?  Akhal Teke?  She decided to bring her AT, but
    there were last minute farrier issues, so she brought her Arab
    instead.  She had a wonderful time and was hooked.

    The next ride was this weekend's Bear Valley, a ride with good
    footing and hellacious hills.  She took the same Arab, barefoot
    because of more farrier issues and last-minute just rasped his hoof
    edges.  When they read off the BC winner by horse number, nobody got
    up.  Finally she realized that her boy had done it, and went up for
    the award.  Apparently they considered the whole field, rather than
    top ten.

    She called me up today to share the news.  I'm tickled that she's
    having such a good time, is so willing to learn, and plans to involve
    her other horses as well as join AERC.

    She also won the Old Lady award.  :-)

    Bar H Boogie (PS) 3/1/02

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